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To make it easy for everyone to choose environmentally friendly products
that tastes SO-YA good and makes you SO-YA happy!

                   We are here to inspire change whether it is the difference between our products and others.

                   We are setting quality benchmark on another level which we hope to see all food companies live by.

                   In our products, you will only find pure, real food ingredients. NO oils or artificial ingredients to slow you down.

                   Our products will keep you fuelled and feeling good so you can be your best and feel empowered.

                   We hope to inspire our community to do better by doing better ourselves: educating, contributing, and giving back.

About So-Ya

Premium Organic Soymilk

SO-YA is not just a product – its a passion

In Thailand, with such a growing community engaging in a plant-based diet, whether it is for health reasons or environmental, SO-YA was born by a couple of entrepreneurs. In a time of big challenges, we believe better products are part of the solution. Therefore we set out to ensure 3 factors: sustainability, eating better which ultimately leads to living better.

We make a commitment that we will never stop developing our products. We will seek out the freshest new flavours and other plants-based items such as almond, rice, and oat with the most wholesome ingredients. We will select only the best raw materials without any of the bad stuff. Our ethos of making delicious soy milk will always be in align with our original aspiration and we will push ourselves to maintain our quality and even make it better with extensive research and development of products.

Looking for something awesome?

Available in 3 flavours: Original, No sugar and Organic Roasted Almond
in a stylish packaging (180 ml.) of single and family serving packs 12 bottles